Signia Primax Pure BT13

Hearing on your own terms...

This release from Siemens on the Primax platform combines direct Bluetooth streaming (no additional neck loops, clip-ons) with proven binaural processing power.

A complete package in a small micro-housing suitable for mild to severe hearing losses in three price points.

The one feature that sets the outstanding Primax technology apart from others to reduce listening effort called SpeechMaster. Imagine trying to hear the public announcement at a busy railway station or trying to talk to your friend in a crowded bar. You can still hear and understand, but you need to concentrate. In these situations, listening requires effort as there’s a high level of distracting ambient sound. For people with hearing difficulties, this can be exhausting, especially by the end of the day.

Thanks to its advanced SpeechMaster, Primax helps to change that. Singling out the dominant speaker and reducing extraneous background sounds and voices, SpeechMaster highlights the other person’s voice and delivers outstanding sound quality.

SpeechMaster orchestrates all features, including binaural functions, according to environmental changes and reduces listening effort in every speech situation throughout the day. Let’s show an example that most of us can identify with…


Sitting at a street café It’s late afternoon and you are sitting outside at a busy café with friends. The breeze is cool but the discussion at the next table is getting heated. Wind noise and background noises make speech understanding very demanding for wearers of hearing aids.

SpeechMaster automatically reduces surrounding sounds and voices by singling out the conversation at the table with directional microphones. It also engages speech and noise management and eWindScreen™ binaural to tackle the traffic and wind noise. All this lets you sit back and enjoy the company.

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