Signia Xperience

The revolutionary, fully automatic, rechargeable Xperience platform by Signia, unveils the world’s first acoustic motion sensors and gives hearing aids a new ability to understand what their user really wants to hear.

Every move makes a difference

Most of our daily activities involve motion and we carry conversations with us as we go. For any hearing system adapting to dramatic shifts in location poses a tough challenge. The number of sound sources and the signal-to noise ratio alters entirely and suddenly.

Giving hearing aids a new sense to understand your needs

Hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in a matter of seconds as we move from relatively quiet places into a busy one e.g. a busy street. This is because conventional hearing aids can only listen and make educated guesses as to the type of situation the wearer is in. All existing hearing aids choose between hearing what is directly in front of the wearer or their general surroundings.

Signia Xperience is the first hearing aid platform ever that doesn’t make that compromise. It can do both at the same time!

The world’s first acoustic-motion sensors

This allows the wearer to understand speech from any direction and in any situation (even when they are moving), so they can hear what matters to be fully involved in life. By collecting more information and characteristics about the hearing aid wearer’s acoustic environment, the Signia Xperience soundscape comes to life far more precisely and in much greater detail.

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