About us

Hearing care

Just as our eyes slowly deteriorate as we age, making it difficult to read small print, our ears can gradually lose their ability to hear sounds. The difference is that if you have an inability to hear, it can affect people’s relationships with their family and friends.

Providing part-time hearing centres throughout Suffolk and Norfolk, visiting one of our local branches is convenient and hassle-free.

We guarantee an impartial, expert and caring approach to all hearing concerns. Whether you are concerned about your hearing, seeking advice on your current hearing aid or wish to know more about the latest digital hearing aids our hearing aid audiologists will be happy to help.

Earwax removal

Whilst earwax has a number of positive functions, it can sometimes block the ear canal and lead to pain or temporary hearing loss. With many medical centres now declining the removal of earwax, The Hearing Care Centre is one of the only audiology services in the area that offer a private earwax removal service.

Our specialist team - all certified healthcare professionals, allow sufficient time with each patient to remove wax in a safe and gentle way. They also provide a video image of the ear canal before and after the treatment.

Our services

As part of our services provided to assistant the hard of hearing community, The Hearing Care Centre can provide organisations a training and awareness solution to enable them to offer an equal service to deaf and hard of hearing people.

All our training sessions aim to identify the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing people face, list the ways in which deaf and hard of hearing people communicate and understand and demonstrate how to implement positive methods of communication.