Accessibility Statement

Our website was developed and is maintained with accessibility in mind.

Site features

We provide features to make the website easy to use for all our visitors.

Change font size via browser

  • Chrome - go to the menu and use the plus (+) or minus (-) in the Zoom section
  • Firefox - go to the View menu and select Zoom then either Zoom In or Zoom Out
  • Internet Explorer - go to the View menu and select Text Size and your preferred size
  • Opera - go to the View menu and select Zoom then a percentage value
  • Safari - go to the View menu and select Zoom In, Zoom Out or Zoom Text only


  • Sticky menu navigation bar which follows you around the site. Navigation bar at top and bottom of all pages, both options allowing for easy navigation.
  • Search - search on every page to search the whole site for information. See icon on top right corner.
  • Consistency - navigation is consistent to help find information easily


We aim to use plain language and avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms on this website. There are pages or documents, such as hearing aid specifications, where complex or technical language is often necessary and used.

Other languages

The website can be viewed in over 100 other languages using Google Translate.

Opening and downloading Adobe PDF documents

Portable Document Format (PDF) is used for downloadable documents on our website. Documents are also available in large print formats on request.

Browsers, platforms and devices

Our website has been tested on a variety of older and new browsers, platforms and devices.

How to send feedback on this website’s accessibility.

We welcome feedback on the accessibility of this website.

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