Costs of hearing systems


Hearing systems vary in price according to selected style, electronic features, and related needs for professional consultation and rehabilitation services. A rule of thumb is that hearing system costs increase with more complex and sophisticated circuitry and smaller size.

The purchase price is an important factor, but it should only be one consideration in buying a hearing system. The Hearing Care Centre recognises that each person's hearing loss presents unique characteristics. The expertise of your hearing aid audiologist about product quality and the after care services you will need, are important considerations in your purchase decision.

Our inclusive price list begins at £250 per hearing aid. There are in excess of 300+ different digital hearing aids available and the price range is completed with the most expensive retailing at £2,600. There are no hidden costs anywhere and the price you pay is an inclusive one.

Some private health care plans cover the costs of audiometric tests, a hearing aid evaluation, and even partial payment of a hearing system. Check with your health insurance company to find out exactly what audiology services your policy covers. You may wish to advocate for inclusion of audiology services in your plan if not included.