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Welcome to the Hearing Care Centre, East Anglia’s hearing and ear care experts with clinics across Suffolk & Norfolk. Born in 1998, our dedicated team of audiologists are committed to working with you to discover the best hearing solutions tailored to your unique hearing needs.

Discover Professional Hearing Care

Experience our free comprehensive hearing health assessment conducted by one of our expert audiologists. We specialise in identifying the most suitable hearing aids or customised hearing protection that fit to your specific requirements. Your journey to improved hearing begins here.

The relationship between us and our patients is built on trust and continuity of care. We forge long-term partnerships, provide ongoing support and adjustments as needed. This personalised approach fosters greater satisfaction and ensure that our patients can enjoy improved communication and quality of life for years to come.

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Tailored Hearing Solutions in Suffolk and Norfolk

Every individual's hearing is distinct, much like their fingerprint. At our accessible hearing clinics across Suffolk and Norfolk, our expert audiologists focus on your specific hearing requirements and lifestyle preferences. Recognising the inadequacy of a one-size-fits-all approach, we are committed to discovering the ideal solution uniquely suited to you.

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The Path to Better Hearing

A hearing aid is more than just an amplifier; it's a sophisticated electronic device professionally adjusted to your specific hearing loss. Our Audiologists are healthcare professionals who are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we know you will receive the best possible care and get the most out of your hearing aids.

Experience exceptional hearing care at the Hearing Care Centre. Your journey to better hearing starts with us.

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“As soon as I stepped out of the health centre after Mr Shade fitted my new hearing aids, I was stopped in my tracks: it was a beautiful spring morning and all the birds were singing. It was like hearing them for the first time and I stood listening for quite a while. I’ve lived in the countryside all my life but I hadn’t heard birdsong like that for years. I had almost forgotten what it sounded like.”

Mr Pigney

“I was a late and unwilling convert to the use of hearing aids. It was other people's fault that they were not speaking clearly enough for me to have to ask them to repeat themselves. To my mind [they] proved the complete professional delivering an excellent service and enhancing what [they do] so well in a compassionate and caring way.”

Mr Busby

“What ever did people with hearing problems do before The Hearing Care Centre appeared? I have never been anywhere to find so many kind and friendly people in one place.”

Mrs Abbott

“...our everyday and social lives have improved beyond compare. Thank you.”

Mr and Mrs Jerman

"After a 15 year struggle uphill with unreliable and ill fitting hearing aids I should go private! I had my first appointment with Michael on 11th July. From the outset nothing has been too much trouble and every step of the way , we have had total confidence in his recommendations. Now after 5 weeks of wearing my new hearing aid for up to 10 hours a day, my quality of life has transformed- so thank you Michael."

Rosemary Corder

"Dawn was extremely helpful to set up an appointment at Bury St Edmunds when I was suffering with built up ear wax. She was both helpful and empathetic. Thank you!"

Neil Cross

"Came to Ipswich Centre with very annoying blockage in right ear. Saw Rebecca who diagnosed wax blockage. Fortunately I was able to have the blockage removed that same morning by Molly. I found both Rebecca & Molly very professional, helpful, informative and efficient. An excellent service all around!"

Peter Baron

"I first came to the Hearing Care Centre about 3 years ago for a hearing test. I needed to buy an aid for one ear. The service was excellent at all times during that period. Since then I have been back to the centre for regular reviews, to have wax cleared out and to seek help with one or two issues. On every occasion the welcome and the service from every one has been very good. The same is true of telephone conversations and emails."


"I was very nervous today about having microsuction in my ears but I have to say that Jackie was so kind and understanding, I felt very at ease. The procedure was pain free, very successful. I certainly will not worry about coming back in a few months time to see how my ears are doing. What a lovely lady."

Christine Anderson
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