Why buy extended peace of mind warranty?

When the two year manufacturer warranty has expired on new hearing aids, we are often asked by our patients why they should bother with our extended Peace of Mind (POM) warranty.

Why buy extended peace of mind warranty?

Modern hearing instruments rarely go wrong do they? 

It’s a valid question and one we understand of course. After all, when we buy a TV, a washing machine or even a vacuum cleaner, we’ve become rehearsed in the arguments we need to use to fend off the determined salesperson who wants us to buy that extra guarantee.

Unfortunately hearing aids are not quite the same! True, they are much better than they used to be, but unlike domestic appliances they do need maintenance, AND your own hearing needs will change over the life of your hearing aids.

Manufacturers guarantees don’t cover things like clinical professional time, filters, domes and tubes which have to be paid for. Sometimes a repair can be done at one of our clinics but in some cases the instruments need to be sent away which means you will be without your hearing aids until the repair is complete. Furthermore, if the fault is because the instruments have been damaged, or incorrectly maintained, you will still have to cover those charges. If you have our POM warranty we will always try to loan you a similar model if possible to tide you over.

At present the average manufacturer repair is £125 plus VAT and our fees for repairs or consultations if you “pay as you go” are £80 an hour. For repairs you will also have to pay for the parts we use. Compare this with the price of our warranty which is £105 per aid, per year – or you can buy three years for the price of two.

So, what does the warranty cover? Under our POM warranty hearing aids enjoy all appointments in clinic free of charge, as well as regular hearing test, any adjustments to your hearing aids that are then necessary, repairs that are not due to accidental damage and replacement filters, domes and tubes. Please seriously consider the extended warranty when the 2 years comes around, it will give you the continued peace of mind you deserve.