Hearing solutions

Hearing systems are now much smaller and infinitely more powerful than ever before. They have many innovative features to help with hearing loss and improve your quality of life.

Hearing systems

Today’s hearing systems are tiny computers that sit behind or inside your ear. Featuring highly advanced and sophisticated technology, most people are unaware that hearing systems are not just about making speech or sounds louder. They are incredibly good at blending, processing and manipulating your sound environment to enhance your listening experience; so that it is clearer and easier to hear and understand even in the most challenging listening situations.

Like many products today, there are different brands, levels of quality and technology available. Just like car manufacturers and models of cars, hearing systems have different features and benefits at each level to suit everyone.

Hearing aid fitting

The Hearing Care Centre’s personalised hearing aid fitting will take approximately one hour, during which time we will attentively set the digital hearing aids with the aid of a computer to match your individual hearing and lifestyle requirements.

We will carry out any evaluation tests as necessary; discuss and show you how the hearing aid works, how to change the battery, how to clean the aids and about long term care procedures. 

Award winning aftercare service

We offer a full aftercare service and a 30 day money back guarantee for total peace of mind – which are just some of the benefits available at The Hearing Care Centre. Our Consumer Code is approved by the Office of Fair Trading and we are members of the Customer Care Scheme operated by our professional body, BSHAA – assurance of the highest quality of professional hearing care and customer service.

We also look after existing hearing aid users who search for a local hearing care centre to assist with any continuing hearing requirements, repairs, reprogramming and to supply hearing aid batteries and accessories.