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  • Summary
    Some hard of hearing people find that it can be very helpful to let people know about their hearing loss. Some people just tell the people they meet either as a matter of course or when they feel they need to, others use tools such as badges to do this.

    We currently have two badge options available. Please select your preffered badge when adding to your basket.
    • 'I have a hearing loss: Please speak clearly'
    • 'I am a lip reader: Please face me' 
    We've had these handly pin badges made up for those who would like to make those around them aware of their hearing loss, without having to ask fellow conversers to speak up, for example. The cost of the badge includes postage. 

    We recently recieved this lovely comment from a happy customer.

    "Thank you for my hard of hearing badge, I'm wearing it whilst shopping and it definitely improves people's way of talking to me x "
    Total £2.00