Pureclean GEL

  • Summary
    Pureclean GEL by Puretone (5ml tube) is a specially developed gel that makes the fitting and removing of the hearing aid, earmold or hearing protector easier. The gel allows a better tolerance of the hearing aid or mould and prevents irritations & skin problems.

    Formulated to minimize the risks of allergies.

    Contains a natural active component of Indian frankincense, acknowledged in western medicine for its potent anti-irritant effects. Frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees. It alleviates inflammatory states and reduces erythema evoked by skin irritations.

    Provides a pleasant soothing effect.
    Pureclean GEL by Puretone (5ml tube) provides a pleasant soothing effect and aids in the inserting and removing of hearing aids, moulds etc.
    Total £5.99