Sonic Shaker travel alarm clock (SBP100)

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  • Summary

    This portable vibrating alarm clock is the ideal travel companion for the deepest of sleepers and this extra-loud sonic alert alarm clock has been designed with hearing loss in mind. 

    Pop this travel alarm clock under your pillow and it vibrates to wake you up. Very compact and battery operated so no need to worry about main supply when travelling.

    • Specifications


      • Extra loud alarm (70dB)
      • Continuous four-minute snooze
      • 3 alarm options:
      • Ringer
      • Vibrator
      • Ringer + vibrator
      • Easy-to-set function keys
      • Easy-to-read display
      • Clock setting 12h
      • “test” button
      • ON/OFF alarm button
      • Display light button


      • Standard size batteries included (2 AA; 1 AAA)
      • Size :10 x 10 x 3 cm
      • Weight: 160 g

      Travel case with pillow clasp included.

    • Video
    The SBP100 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but packs a pretty big wake-up punch!
    Total £21.99