Initially when you have your hearing aids fitted, you will need follow up to ensure you are getting on well with them. There is a lot to learn during the initial period like using them properly, caring for them and using coping mechanisms to make sure you get the very best out of them.

This is a lot of information and our audiologists will introduce you to it during the first few initial appointments. They will also undertake any changes that need making to your hearing aids to make sure they are completely customised for you.

In most cases you will be seen two weeks following the fitting and again two weeks after that. After these initial check up appointments we would then recall you approximately every 6 months to review of your progress.

At The Hearing Care Centre we are very proud of our continuous award winning aftercare service.

For the lifetime of your hearing aid(s) we offer complimentary cleanings and check ups of your hearing aids and consultation time to cover any of your concerns. We are always here for you!

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