At The Hearing Care Centre we offer the highest quality advice and management strategies for tinnitus. Many of our audiologists are trained as tinnitus lay-counsellors and are able to offer you the best advice.

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During your appointment with us we will spend time investigating your tinnitus and can determine if a treatable medical condition exists or if further evaluation from an ENT is necessary. To do this we will carry out a:

  • Full clinical history, to determine any factors which may need to be assessed before we can proceed. We are not medically qualified, so we have a strict criteria you must meet to ensure you are getting the best advice. Should indications arise we will refer you to an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Consultant.
  • Otoscopy to examine your ears for unusual appearances.
  • Pure Tone Audiogram hearing test to determine if any issues have arisen with your hearing.
  • Uncomfortable Loudness Level Testing, to determine your tolerance levels to louder sounds needs discussion.
  • Tympanometry, to determine the correct function of the middle ear.

After we have carried out the appropriate testing as above, your audiologist will then spend time explaining the results to you in detail. We will then discuss your treatment plan and can recommend any other treatment options that may be suitable for you.

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Full tinnitus consultations are available at many of our centres and are charged at £150.
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