The world's most advanced hearing aids are here!

Oticon Intent HA In Hand Hero1 KC 1877 Expires On 2 8 2029

The best hearing aid technology in the world now available at the Hearing Care Centre!

At the Hearing Care Centre, we want to empower you to stay connected to the world around you, and we know that trusting the best and most advanced hearing technology plays a big role.

That’s why we are delighted that we can now offer the brand-new Oticon Intent™, the small, rechargeable hearing aid that packs a punch!

Thanks to a sophisticated new processor, Oticon Intent™ can predict what sounds you want to listen to. It works with your brain naturally to deliver better speech clarity, even in the most challenging background noise.

With an all-day battery life, you will be able to stream music and phone calls directly to your hearing aids. And thanks to our free accessory offer, you can also stream TV volume directly to your ear, giving you the best seat in the house.

In clinical trials* researching the benefits of Oticon Intent™, hearing aid users reported up to 10% better sound quality and up to 13% better nuances in the sound scene than the Oticon Real hearing aids.

Book your free hearing assessment today

Whether you're an existing hearing aid user considering an upgrade, or if you would simply like to have your hearing checked by a professional Audiologist, you can book your free hearing assessment today.

*Read research published by Oticon here.

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