Hearing Assessment

At The Hearing Care Centre, we're committed to educating everyone about hearing loss and the importance of avoiding untreated hearing loss. Everything we do aims to help those with hearing loss to reconnect with the soundscape around them.

One of the services we offer is a comprehensive hearing assessment. It helps someone to determine the state of their hearing health and if any hearing solutions are needed.

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Why would you need a hearing assessment?

1 in 6 of us are affected by some form of hearing loss. Because the symptoms of hearing loss can get worse if untreated, it's highly recommended that you have regular checks, especially as you age. There are certain types of hearing loss such as presbycusis (otherwise called age-related hearing loss) that are more prevalent in older generations. We recommend that everyone over 55 should have their hearing checked every two years.

Many people think that having a hearing assessment is admitting that you may have a weakness. However, it's quite the opposite – acknowledging that your hearing may be changing is the first step to relieving and even potentially reversing the symptoms of hearing loss.

What does a hearing assessment involve?

A detailed medical history is taken together with discussion about communication difficulties affecting your lifestyle. Existing users should bring their hearing systems and wear them during the assessment; we will happily provide you with advice about hearing and technical checks.

A full examination of the outer ear is carried out to establish the medical condition of the outer ear, ear canals and eardrums, to check if any abnormalities are present. This may be done using a video otoscope.

The hearing test, using advanced audiometric procedures, consists of the presentation of puretones at various frequencies by both air and bone conduction.

NOAH software is used to create an audiogram through a computer. The software will go on to produce a prescription, providing the recommended level of amplification.

Further applicable tests may also be carried out e.g. ULL Uncomfortable Loudness Level testing, tympanometry, word scores etc.

An explanation of the results is given and any recommendations are discussed.

If a hearing loss is identified, we offer the choice of 300+ different digital hearing systems to choose from, all available with a minimum of a 30 day trial period to ensure complete satisfaction. Total peace of mind.

We encourage wherever possible that you attend your hearing assessment with your spouse, relative or friend for valued support.

How much does it cost?

A hearing assessment with us is FREE. We recommend that you allow up to one hour for your appointment.

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