Signia QuickGuard wax filters

  • Summary

    The QuickGuard enables the hearing aids with long-lasting moisture and ear wax resistance, it actively prevents fluids from entering the receiver and hence shielding the sound path.

    This great protection is achieved by a nanocoating applied to the QuickGuard. The nano-coating results in an enhanced performance, longer hearing instrument life and increased consumer satisfaction.

    (Please be rest assured that if you currently use HF4 or HF4 Pro wax filters, the QuickGuard will be compatible with your hearing system).

    • Easy to use packaging
    • QuickGuard is the same same for both left and right hearing aids. No need to worry about blue or red colours any longer.
    • Regular wax filter replacement ensure optimal sound for patient (approximately every 4 weeks)
    • Wax filters are pre-mounted on a stick allowing for easy and safe exchange
    If you are a patient of The Hearing Care Centre and have a valid hearing aid warranty, you are entitled to free of charge wax guards. Please select QuickGuard (free) to order.
    A pack of 8 QuickGuard wax guards
    Total £5.00