Phonak wind & weather microphone protector filters

  • Summary

    Length: 14mm - Pack of 10 microphone filters for Phonak Eleva, Eterna, eXtra, Una, Certena, Claro & Perseo Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids.

    Length: 6mm - Pack of 10 microphone filters for Phonak Savia ART, Exelia ART, Versata, Naida and Nathos BTE hearing aids. Also for use with ML10i and ML11i fm receivers.

    Clinical studies prove that the wind and weather protection…

    • provides ultimate microphone protection
    • eliminates microphone drift resulting from dirt and humidity


    The Wind and Weather Protector is an exclusive Phonak system designed to protect high-tech BTE microphones from dust and humidity. As a result they last much longer, reducing the service costs of your hearing systems.

    The life span of the Wind and Weather Protector should be up to several months, depending on the environment (wet, dusty, perspiration etc.).

    The Wind and Weather Protector should not be cleaned but replaced regularly. Your hearing systems should never be used without the Wind and Weather Protector.

    If you are a patient of The Hearing Care Centre and have a valid hearing aid warranty, you are entitled to free of charge wax guards. Please select option (free for those with valid warranty)
    A pack of 10 microphone filters. Please see the description to check which filter your require and select your option when adding to cart.
    Total £4.99