Oticon wax guards/filters

  • Summary
    Oticon No-Wax Filters include six individual tabs with two prongs on each. Use the empty prong to pull out the old wax guard and replace it with the new one provided on the second prong. Oticon has designed this system to be as easy-to-use as possible - there is only one way to use the 'prong' tool and very little chance that a used filter can be re-inserted on a hearing aid by accident.
    • These guards are used on most Oticon in-the-ear hearing aids
    • Supplied as a dial of 6 replacement filters.
    • Can also be used with hearing aids that use the Micro Wax Buster

    Oticon ProWax Filters can also be used with Oticon and Bernafon hearing aids that have previously used the NoWax filters. The ProWax is a shallower version of the NoWax used a lot with Oticon and Bernafon hearing aids. The ProWax has a finer filter than the NoWax and has the benefit of being nano coated with moisture repellency.

    • A pack of 6 Oticon ProWax filters
    • Protects from ear wax and dust entering the canal section of the hearing aid

    Oticon MiniFit ProWax hearing aid filters offer proven benefits to the longevity of the hearing device:

    • Nano coating repels moisture
    • Redesigned flange system prevents wax from reaching the receiver tip
    • New flange design removes existing wax each time the ProWax is changed—eliminates old wax build up
    • Better acoustic performance
    • Reduced repairs

    The Oticon MiniFit ProWax hearing aid filters are interchangeable with the WaxStop filters. Change your filters regularly as they can fill up with wax and/or other non-visible debris and block the sound from your hearing aid.

    If you are a patient of The Hearing Care Centre and have a valid hearing aid warranty, you are entitled to free of charge wax guards. Please select option  (free for those with valid warranty)

    Please check the description to find out which Oticon Filters you require and select your option when adding to cart
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