In the Ear (ITE)

Full shell models sit flat in the outer ear. Their size can allow the option for additional controls and features such as directional microphones, program switches and volume control. They use a larger battery size, generally have much more power and can be recommended for people who have a mild to severe hearing loss.

Oticon Own ITE 500x420

Oticon Own

Bernafon Alpha ITE 500x420

Bernafon Alpha

Signia Charge n Go AX ITC 500x420

Signia Charge & Go AX

Oticon Own 500x500

Oticon, use their Polaris R™ chip platform with RealSound Technology™ in the Oticon real hearing aids to access all meaningful sounds. These hearing aids are available in multiple colours, the hearing aid system offers a choice between rechargeable and battery-powered options.

Technical Features

Utilising the successful BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Real supports hearing in challenging environments and employs the power of its processor to protect against stressful loud sounds, which allows users to wear their aids for extended periods without fatigue. The hearing aids also seamlessly connect with smart devices like tablets and phones through the Oticon app, enabling wireless streaming of sound and direct phone call reception.

Bernafon Alpha 500x500

Inspired by the best

Bernafon Alpha is inspired by those in the animal kingdom with exceptional hearing. Its unique Hybrid Technology™ augments both speech understanding and listening comfort for best sound without compromise – even in the most rigorous listening situations. Various hearing aid styles cater to your individual needs. Whether rechargeable, equipped with wireless connectivity technology, or perfectly customized to your ears, Bernafon Alpha combines exceptional sound quality with versatility and elegance.

Signia Charge n Go AX ITC 500x500

Never miss a word

Hearing isn’t always easy. A big group of people talking at the same time, softly spoken talkers, too much background noise… Sometimes sounds blend together making it impossible to focus on what you want to hear. Augmented Xperience (AX) changes the way you hear the world. It uses our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology to split the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately and create a clear contrast. It then recombines them to give you outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive environment. No more straining to discern speech from background noise. As a result, 100% of participants in a recent study reported excellent speech understanding in their home environment. Signia AX wearers also enjoy more than 25% better speech understanding in noise than with their previous hearing aids. Signia AX is even proven to perform better than normal hearing in a tested party scenario.

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