Behind the Ear (BTE)

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models sit behind the ear. Specialist tubing secured to the hearing aid allows sounds to travel down into the ear via a custom ear mould. This style has the most powerful circuitry therefore assisting those with a profound to severe hearing loss.

Oticon Real BTE R 500x420

Oticon Real BTE R

Bernafon Alpha XT R 500x420

Bernafon Alpha XT R

Signia Motion Charge n Go X 500x420

Signia Motion Charge & Go X

Oticon Real 500x500

This is hearing aid from Oticon that promises to give you back the real sounds of life. Available in a variety of colours to match your personality or simply your hair colour! Oticon Real can also come as a rechargeable version or zinc air battery (size 312) battery powered model.

Technical Information

Oticon Real uses the latest in microchip development to deliver their BrainHearing™ technology. This means that the hearing aid system will support the brain function to balance all the meaningful sounds of life around you. Loud sounds like traffic and wind are all processed comfortably so that you can wear the hearing aids and enjoy the amplification for longer. Speech clarity has never been better in an Oticon hearing aid and challenging listening environments are handled with relative ease. Hands free telephone calls and media streaming are also possible using the dedicated app.

Bernafon Alpha 500x500

Inspired by the best

Bernafon Alpha is inspired by those in the animal kingdom with exceptional hearing. Its unique Hybrid Technology™ augments both speech understanding and listening comfort for best sound without compromise – even in the most rigorous listening situations. Various hearing aid styles cater to your individual needs. Whether rechargeable, equipped with wireless connectivity technology, or perfectly customized to your ears, Bernafon Alpha combines exceptional sound quality with versatility and elegance.

Signia Motion Charge n Go X 500x500

Hear what really matters to you

Our revolutionary sensor technology recognizes if you are moving to ensure that you experience everything going on around you as you move through your day. Motion C&G X is the smallest of the range and sits discreetly behind your ear. Motion C&G P X is slightly bigger to pack extra power in any difficult hearing situation. And Motion C&G SP X is the world’s first hearing aid to combine Super Power with rechargeability

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