Hush Plugz silicone ear plugs

  • Summary
    Hush plugz silicone ear plugs are ideal for reducing noise. They are a modern alternative to wax, are soft and very comfortable. Whether you are travelling, sleeping or relaxing, these ear plugs will work perfectly to reduce any unwanted noise. Silicone ear plugs can also be used when swimming to improve comfort and reduce infection risk.
    • Comfortable and easy to fit
    • Non sticky formula
    • Ideal for swimming also
    • Simple to use and very effective
    • Soft mouldable re useable silicon

    Roll plug between fingers to soften the silicone. Mould into a ball shape. Hold the tip of the ear and pull gently upwards and outwards to open the ear canal. Place silicone ball over ear canal and flatten with finger forming a seal. Once fitted correctly the plug will feel comfortable and provide noise reduction.
    • Specifications
      Safety Warning
      Use only as directed. These ear plugs are disposable. Keep out of the reach of infants when not in use.
    Each box contains 7 pairs.
    Total £3.99