Earol Swim

  • Summary
    Convenient sized 10ml bottle of hyperallergenic Earol Swim spray. For use before swimming to prevent the unpleasant symptons and potentially harmful effects of trapped water in the ears. Reduces the risk of ear infection. Supplied in handy plastic box for storage.

    Earol Swim® has been developed with two fundamental therapeutic benefits. Those being, to prevent swimmers ear and, to prevent trapped water in the ear.

    Earol Swim® is the perfect solution for those engaged in any water-based activities.
    • Specifications
      Benefits of Earol Swim®:
      • Earol Swim® delivers a discrete unit dose of Olive Oil that lines the auditory canal providing a water resistant barrier. Simple use of application.
      • Earol Swim® is a natural non-medicinal product - Olive Oil is a benign, vegetable oil, extracted from Olives.
      • Earol Swim® has a unique delivery system to prevent over application.
      • Earol Swim® is highly self intuitive and easy to use. Simply place the actuator into the opening of the auditory canal, tilt the head to one side and depress the actuator.
      • Earol Swim® is Hypoallergenic.
      • 10ml bottle
    Helping to prevent swimmers ear, trapped water and other swimming related conditions/infections in the ear. 10ml bottle.
    Total £6.99