Hearing aid recycling

The Hearing Care Centre’s hearing aid recycling scheme collects thousands of hearing aids for hard-of-hearing individuals across the world, who have limited financial resources.

Hearing aid recycling

The World Health Organisation estimates that 278 million people worldwide have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears.  Yet, current annual production of hearing aids is estimated to meet less than 10% of global need. The poor are especially affected because they are unable to afford the preventative care necessary to avoid hearing loss, or hearing aids to improve their hearing.

If you have any old, damaged or unwanted hearing aids, please donate them to us. We then pass these on to many different charitable projects around the world, who work on the ground helping those in need. We can also accept hearing aid batteries that are in date.

How to donate

All types of hearing aid (no matter in what condition) can be accepted! Carefully wrap and package up your donations in a sturdy box. Please send your donations to:

The Hearing Care Centre,
11 Upper Brook Street,
Ipswich, Suffolk,
IP4 1EG.

*Hearing aids issued by the NHS are the property of the NHS and if no longer needed should be returned to your NHS trust.