HALF PRICE earwax removal

Take advantage of our January ear irrigation offer with our Ear Care Practitioner, Jackie Arnold Burns and save up to £30.

HALF PRICE earwax removal

Have you noticed that your ears are feeling blocked?

This feeling may be caused by excess earwax. This is often a result of inappropriate use of cotton buds or similar in the ear canal, which whilst removing some wax, will invariably push a lot further down. Excess earwax can be the result of working in dirty or dusty environments, swimming, an ear infection, using noise plugs at work, etc.

This earwax will eventually block the ear drum, making it harder to hear (and maybe make the person feel a little disorientated, and possibly experience some discomfort). Over time the ear wax will solidify and may adhere to the sides of the ear canal or even the ear drum.

We can help!

Earwax removal has become a major part of our business in 2018 and with demand ever-growing we have taken on and trained our newest Ear Care Practitioner, Jackie. As a welcome offer, and for a limited time only*, we are offering HALF PRICE ear irrigation appointments with Jackie at 11 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich.

Prices will be £20 for 1 ear or £30 for both ears.

During our ear irrigation procedure the patient sits in a chair and the ear is rinsed with warm water from an electronic irrigator. The wax and water is collected in a basin or cup-shaped device which the patient holds under their ear. This procedure usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.

To book your appointment, contact our customer care team on 01473 230330 or complete our online contact form.

*Offer valid between 01/01/19 - 31/01/19. Offer excludes microsuction. Appointments are only available at 11 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich and must be held with Ear Care Practitioner, Jackie Arnold-Burns (Monday-Friday). Please quote 'half price wax removal' when booking - Appointments are limited.