Hearing fund established to help Veterans get the treatment they deserve

Posted 24 July 2018 by Ian Rushton
Are you an ex-member of the armed forces? Did you acquire hearing loss during your service? We want to help you to get the treatment you need.

Hearing fund established to help Veterans get the treatment they deserve

You might be pleased to know that the British Legion provides support to veterans for hearing loss that they acquired during their service. The Veteran’s Hearing Fund (VHF) assists those whose needs cannot be met through statutory services (such as the NHS), and can be put towards hearing aids, accessories or therapies such as lipreading or that to ease the symptoms of tinnitus.

“Conditions that affect someone’s hearing can have a profound effect on career prospects, family relationships, social life and mental health. The Veteran’s Hearing Funds enable the provision of vital equipment, treatment and courses that we hope addresses the affect that hearing related conditions have on veteran’s well-being.” – says Steven Baynes, Head of Social Policy & Grant Giving at The Royal British Legion.

Eligibility involves initially ascertaining whether the hearing loss was acquired during, or as a result of military service. Evidence of this can include:

  • War pension Armed Forces Compensation Scheme award for hearing loss.
  • Previous lump sum payment for hearing loss.
  • Application for compensation for your hearing loss that, although refused, accepted that the hearing loss was acquired during service.
  • Having been previously provided hearing aids by the MOD.
  • Service medical records that show hearing loss. 

After this stage, the Legion will liaise with an audiologist who will assess and recommend suitable equipment or treatment options.

We want to help!

The Hearing Care Centre is a proud supporter of armed forces personnel, our audiologist Ian is a veteran himself!  We can assess your hearing at your local centre to give you an idea of whether you are eligible and we can assist with all the relevant paperwork required. If funds are approved, we can then provide hearing solutions and aftercare options to suit your personal requirements.

To download an application form click here and if you have any further questions please call us on 01473 230330.