Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019

Posted 01 February 2019
Monday 4th February marks the beginning of Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019. Here is all the information you need to get involved.

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019

Tinnitus Awareness Week is held every year by the British Tinnitus Association, an independent charity dedicated to proving the latest support and information to those suffering from tinnitus and medical professionals alike. 

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition where noises are heard when there is no external source, usually in the ears or in the head. This affects around 10% of the UK population and research has shown that a high proportion of tinnitus sufferers also experience hearing loss.

Please visit the tinnitus section of our website for more detailed information about the condition. 

How are those with the condition affected?

Tinnitus can vary from person to person, each individual will hear different noises in their ears and will experience these symptoms to a different extent.

This year's theme for Tinnitus Week is isolation. Many people feel isolated by their tinnitus for a number of reasons. In many ways tinnitus is an invisible condition as the noises heard by those who have the condition are not external noises that others can hear. 

For this reason it can make some feel that they cannot open up about their struggles for fear that others won't understand. Being locked in your own head with never-ending noise that only you can hear can make those with the condition feel isolated within their own mind.

How can you manage the symptoms of tinnitus?

As of yet there is no cure for tinnitus, however there are many ways in which you can manage the symptoms. 

  • Inform yourself - As research about tinnitus is ongoing, it is very beneficial to keep up to date with the latest treatments and new techniques to try.
    We are holding an event to celebrate Tinnitus Awareness Week on Thursday 7th February in Ipswich which will host some of the UK leading specialists of tinnitus and hearing care. There are a few spaces left so if you are interested click here to find out more and book your place.

  • ​Book a consultation with a tinnitus professional - At The Hearing Care Centre, we are lucky to have staff fully trained to consult you about ways in which you can manage your tinnitus. This 1 to 1 support can be extremely beneficial as you can receive personalised recommendations for your specific experience of tinnitus. Click here to find out about the service we offer.

  • Talk to others - As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. It is very important to make your loved ones aware of what you are going through and to keep an open dialogue with them about how you are coping.
    Sometimes it is even more helpful to talk to others that understand what you are going through. There are a number of local tinnitus support groups where those who have tinnitus gather to share advice, and support each other. Click here to find out where your nearest group is held.

  • ​Try different treatments - Everybody's experience of tinnitus is different, therefore the treatments that will work for each person will differ also. We have a wide range of tinnitus products on our website that may help to ease your symptoms. Click here to browse our shop.

We hope that this post has been insightful. We wanted to make you aware of everything we can possibly do to help you to come to terms with your tinnitus, or to help those around you.​

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages throughout the week, we will be posting lots more helpful information about tinnitus and sharing everything that is going on that you can get involved in.

If you have any further questions about anything mentioned, please give our customer care team a call on 01473 230330 or click here to submit an enquiry online.