The Link Between Tinnitus & Hearing Loss

Posted 29 January 2019
Did you know that treating hearing loss could help to ease the symptoms of tinnitus?

The Link Between Tinnitus & Hearing Loss

What is tinnitus?

Imagine wearing a pair of headphones which are playing ringing, whooshing, humming or buzzing sounds. Imagine not being able to take those headphones off all day and all night for 365 days a year. This is the reality for the 10% of the population who suffer from persistent tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a very common condition reported in all age groups; about 30% of people will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives. It’s extremely difficult treat because the sound isn’t usually caused by something physical which can be cured, for this reason tinnitus treatment focuses on relief of the symptoms rather than treatment of the cause.

How can this be linked to hearing loss?

In a large number of cases tinnitus sufferers also have a hearing loss, which worsens their symptoms. Karen Finch, Senior Audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre, describes an experience she had with one of her patients, who was suffering from severe tinnitus and came to her for a consultation: “The noise in his ears was so loud, he told me he was surprised I couldn’t hear it,” says Karen.

“We tested his hearing and discovered he did have a significant hearing loss and fitted him with hearing aids.” says Karen, “I won’t say it was a miracle cure, because it wasn’t, but he told us it had changed his life.  From that point, everyday sounds he hadn’t been able to hear because of the noises in his ears were clearly audible, and they in turn eased his experience of tinnitus.”

How much difference can this make?

Easing the symptoms of tinnitus, even by a slight extent, can be life-changing for the sufferer. Karen explained that unresolved tinnitus is more than just an annoying noise in your head:  it can make communication difficult for the sufferer and can cause stress which makes the condition even worse. “Stress is a common symptom of tinnitus,” explained Karen, “another way to treat tinnitus is using mindfulness: relaxing the mind and body to tune out the sounds you are hearing”. As research about tinnitus is ongoing, it is crucial that patients keep themselves informed about latest developments in tinnitus management.

Are you suffering from tinnitus?

We have organised a Tinnitus & Hearing Care Show to mark Tinnitus Awareness Week which will host a series of interesting presentations and an exhibition designed to help public understanding of tinnitus and hearing loss, as well as discuss ongoing research, local support groups and discuss possible treatments to help with the symptoms. The event is free to attend and will take place on Thursday 7th February 2019 (9am-1pm) at Fynn Valley Terrace, just outside of Ipswich.

This is a very rare opportunity to be in the same room as a handful of the UK’s leading tinnitus and hearing care experts. Managing the symptoms of tinnitus is all about trying lots of different methods, perhaps this event could introduce you to the treatment that will work the best for you. Guests will also have the opportunity to ask the experts any questions they may have at regular Q&A intervals between each talk.

Although free to attend, spaces for this event are limited and must be booked in advance. Click here to find out more and book online or call The Hearing Care Centre on 01473 230330.