"The best Christmas present I've ever had"

Posted 07 December 2018
Hearing Care Centre patient, Carolyn Baker tells us how in December 2017 she decided she didn’t want to live in a world of silence anymore...

I had very poor hearing throughout my childhood. I was the one sitting at the back of the class not joining in with the groups of children. I just accepted it was normal. As I got older my hearing deteriorated further and I became dependent on my family for help answering the telephone, speaking to groups of people and generally everyday life. I became very good at watching peoples expressions and lip-reading. In November 2017, I took a big step to book a hearing test at our local surgery with The Hearing Care Centre.

The day arrived for my hearing test. My husband came along and we both met Ian who was friendly, reassured me and explained all about the hearing test. Apparently I have a unique hearing loss and Ian advised me that I needed hearing aids to help. Ian did his research and found the right hearing aids for me.

The day came to have my new hearing aids fitted. Ian warned me it might be a bit strange at first and it may take a while to get used to and I’ve never looked back since. My new world of everyday life is great, from hearing the birds singing in the garden, to my pet cat talking in his own language. Going out to shows and music concerts is wonderful. My husband and family are over the moon with their new wife and mother. I also just became a grandmother for the first time; hearing my grandson gurgling in his baby language is priceless. My son recently got married and it was nice to join in with all the wedding talk and chat to the other guests.

My new hearing aids have given me confidence to join a Zumba class. I have made new friends that I meet up with for coffee and a chat. This was the best Christmas present I've ever had. The Hearing Care Centre is always there if you have a problem and the customer service is the very best. Ian was there for support and a friendly welcome.

If you are thinking about new hearing aids, my advice is that you will never look back into that silent world again. The experience is amazing.

To book a hearing assessment and start on your journey to better hearing, please call our customer care team on freephone 0800 096 2637.