Spring Special Offer - £20 off Ear Wax Removal in Ipswich

Posted 19 April 2023
Get your hearing ready for the Spring by getting your ear wax removed for only £60!

Spring Special Offer - £20 off Ear Wax Removal in Ipswich

At the Hearing Care Centre, we want to ensure that everyone's able to enjoy their life to the full, and a key part of this is keeping your hearing in top condition. This is why we are offering £20 off our ear wax removal service in Ipswich.

Ears and hearing aids benefit from regular earwax removal, which is why we offer a unique ENT nurse-led wax removal service. Whilst earwax has a number of positive functions, it can sometimes block the ear canal and lead to pain or temporary hearing loss. Earwax is very dense and can also cause havoc with hearing aids. If left unchecked, it could lead to whistling and feedback noises, and lesser quality of sound from your hearing aids.
Many GP surgeries and medical centres have over recent years begun declining the removal of earwax and this situation has not been helped by the COVID-19 pandemic.
At The Hearing Care Centre we offer treatment, without the need for a GP referral or the long wait, in a relaxed atmosphere using either microsuction or irrigation methods. We also offer an on-screen video image of the wax in the ear and the cleared ear after treatment.

You can book your ear wax removal appointment by calling our clinic on 01473230330 or by clicking here

*Get £20 off our Ear Wax Removal service. Total cost will be £60, normally £80. Offer valid in our Ipswich clinic only. All participants must be over 18 years old and reside in the United Kingdom. Offer valid until 31st May