Over 350 free badges given away

Posted 27 July 2020
The Hearing Care Centre's aim to support local people with hearing loss has been met with huge enthusiasm.

Over 350 free badges given away
As face coverings became mandatory in shops in England on Friday our team decided we wanted to help local people in Suffolk and Norfolk who were finding that masks were increasing the difficulties they were experiencing with hearing loss by providing free "Please speak clearly" badges .

Huge demand for the badges over the weekend has highlighted the level of the issue with double the amount of requests we had initially anticipated, but it has also sadly exceeded our stocks with us now needing to re-order.

Once restocked the badges will once again appear within our shop at their normal price of £1 (plus £1 postage), if you would like to be notified when they return to stock please click here.

Badges are now back in stock and can be purchased in our shop