New Year, better ears!

Posted 01 January 2019
The New Year is a notorious time for making health-focused resolutions. Why not use the New Year to resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing with your hearing?

New Year, better ears!

Whether it’s eating more healthily, aiming to go swimming more often, or joining the thousands of people that vow to start going to exercise classes - often the health focused resolutions we make don't last much past February. Perhaps this is because they do not produce quick results.

While exercise is fantastic for your health, it requires a substantial amount of self-motivation and resilience. Deciding to take action to improve your hearing can provide results that are instantaneous and can have a hugely positive impact of your health and overall quality of life.

The first step towards better hearing is as easy as making an appointment for a hearing test. Your audiologist will be able to give you professional advice about where your hearing levels are and recommend personalised solutions for improvement. Once you have had this appointment and been given your recommendations, you could have hearing aids fitted as quickly as two weeks from your initial appointment!

Imagine how different 2019 could be with better hearing, being able to communicate with others confidently and attend social gatherings without a second thought about how your hearing will restrict you?

Set yourself a valuable New Year’s resolution this year and book yourself in for that hearing test you’ve been putting off! To help you along the way, we will be offering FREE hearing assessments  at a series of free ‘Hearing Care Days’. These will take place at:

Eye Health Centre - Friday 25th January
Wickham Market Medical Practice -Thursday 31st January

And an extra special ‘Hearing Care Week’ will take place our flagship branch in Ipswich’s Upper Brook Street from Monday 21st – Saturday 26th January.

These Hearing Care Days are a fantastic opportunity to start the New Year off in a positive way, our award-winning audiologists will be able to give you professional, expert advice and inform you about all the latest in hearing aid technology.

To find out more click here or call our customer care team on 01473 230330.