Love your hearing this February

Posted 31 January 2019
Sound is so important in our experience of life, it brings a incredible beauty to the world around us. Our hearing, therefore, is something we should cherish and protect.

Love your hearing this February

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to celebrate sound and how it helps us to connect with the things we love. Over the past few weeks, we  have been asking our followers on Facebook and Instagram what sounds they love and here are some of our favourites:

"Bird song is wonderful whatever time of year"R Thomas 

"My dog welcoming me home 🐾🐾" A McKay

"The sound of waves on the beach, something I missed for a long time before I got my hearing aids."S Read

"Sound of a baby giggling for the first time" L Curtis

"It has to be music. To be able to hear the full range of rich sound after so many years not hearing the upper registers is just wonderful." S Sheldrake

There are many more wonderful entries that we have received. Every entry will be featured in a special window display at our flagship branch in Ipswich's Upper Brook Street which will be installed for the entirety of February. If you don't get the chance to see it in person, make sure to check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for the finished display.
We are also holding a series of Hearing Care Days throughout February which will offer FREE hearing assessments as well as professional advice on how to hear to your full potential. This is a great opportunity to love your hearing and regain the full experience of sound which you may have been missing in recent years.

To see if we are coming to a clinic near you click here.

Although free to attend, booking is essential. To book your appointment call The Hearing Care Centre on 01473 230330.