It’s the most wonderful time to hear…

Posted 12 November 2019
As the festive season draws closer, most of us will be looking forward to reuniting with family and friends and making the most of the festivities.

It’s the most wonderful time to hear…

 For someone with hearing loss, the Christmas period can cause a lot of anxiety for fear of embarrassment and stress of trying to communicate with their loved ones. 

One in six people across the UK experience some form of reduced hearing, but nowhere near that amount act to improve their hearing. What most do not realise is that you are not being a martyr by ‘getting on’ with hearing loss, what it can actually do is drive a wedge between yourself and those around you.

The tendency of those with significant hearing loss is to avoid communication and social gatherings altogether to save their own embarrassment. If you prioritise your hearing, this will not be necessary and you will be able to nurture these special relationships that you treasure, as well as help those around you to feel close to you.

Hearing aids can make such a difference to someone's quality of life, especially at this time of year. Modern hearing aids are much smaller and more discreet than they ever used to be and packed full of amazing features that will help during the festive period. 

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These features can include directional microphones, which work to reduce the amount of noise allowed to enter your hearing aids. In noisy environments, like at a Christmas party or meal, the system will work to pick up the sounds you need to hear. If the noise is located behind you, your directional microphones will adapt to pick up sound from in front of you and dampen noise from behind you.

Also most hearing aids now have Bluetooth connectivity, meaning not only can you adjust your hearing aids via a remote control or even your smartphone, but they can also connect to the television and play the audio from your favourite Christmas film directly into your ears so you can watch along with your family and hear every word.

Don’t let another Christmas go by just ‘getting on’ with hearing loss, take this opportunity to look after your hearing health. Booking a hearing assessment is such a simple action, but it can have a huge wealth of benefits.

If you are interested in finding out how we can give you the gift of good hearing call our customer care team on Freephone 0800 096 2637 for more information. To give you that extra incentive to improve your hearing in time for the festive season, we are offering hearing asessments at all of our centre for half price – now only £15. Quote ‘HPXMAS19’ when booking. Offer valid for appointments booked and carried out before 7th December 2019.