Is 20:20 hearing your New Year's resolution?

Posted 10 December 2019
We are all conscious of striving towards 20:20 vision, isn’t it time we aimed for 20:20 hearing?

Is 20:20 hearing your New Year's resolution?

A huge barrier faced by the hearing care profession is the stigma created by those that believe hearing health is not important. It is time to prioritise our ears as much as we do our eyes.

We are very familiar with the exaggerated cupped hands behind the ear and the joking taunts of ‘pardon’ and ‘what??’ when we speak to the public at events. This is all part of the stigma that hearing loss is more of a joke or something to just ‘get on with’, and certainly not something to have regularly checked.

How strange then, that we are regular and diligent in maintaining our eye health. Most of us have no hesitation in booking an annual visit to our optician for a check-up. Glasses, like hearing aids, are visible aids to help with sight loss and sight loss like hearing loss increases with age. However, typically people don’t feel as self-conscious about wearing glasses as they do with hearing aids.

We are good at striving towards 20:20 vision, isn’t it time we all aimed for 20:20 hearing?

Sound is such an integral part of our lives, it is the medium by which we communicate with our loved ones and the vivid detail added to the world around us.

It is so important for you to take control of your hearing health. A recent survey proved that even NHS doctors are not prioritising hearing health checks. The Better Hearing Institute revealed that only 23% of adults receive hearing screenings during routine, physical examinations. Due to increased time constraints and more patients, many doctors wait until hearing loss is a concern to refer patients to a hearing specialist rather than highlighting it at its earliest opportunity.

Even if hearing loss isn’t a concern for you now, it’s wise to make regular hearing screenings a priority. We recommend that you should have a hearing assessment once every two years when you reach 50. This is because hearing loss can develop slowly over time and we easily become used to it to the point that we do not realise that it is a problem.

Aside from enriching your overall experience of life, hearing is inextricably linked to your overall health. Research has proven that good hearing can reduce your risk of developing cognitive health issues, including dementia. For this reason, it just makes sense to be proactive in pursuing 20:20 hearing.

Make 2020 the year to begin your journey to better hearing.

Taking action to maintain your hearing health is as easy as booking a hearing assessment. Our expert audiologists will spend time with you carrying out comprehensive tests to gauge your hearing levels and provide you with personalised recommendations for optimum hearing. It might be time to consider a hearing system, but also it could be that this is it and you will just need to come back in two years’ time for another routine hearing assessment.

Ipswich Hearing Care Week

This January we are holding an exclusive Hearing Care Week from our flagship branch in Ipswich. For a whole week we will be offering free hearing assessments and personalised recommendations to help you hear to your full potential. For full details visit our events page.

Alternatively, call our customer care team on 01473 230330 or fill out our enquiry form to take your first step towards better hearing.