Ipswich Building Society joins forces with The Hearing Care Centre

Posted 12 October 2020
Local community minded companies join forces to help people with hearing loss

Ipswich Building Society joins forces with The Hearing Care Centre
Ipswich Building Society have joined forces with us to help local people with hearing loss who have been impacted by the mandatory introduction of facemasks.

Our founder and senior audiologist Karen Finch said “When it became mandatory in July that facemasks must be worn, we gave away over 350 “Please speak clearly” badges to help with communication issues for those that wear them by alerting shop assistants, or anyone else they need to communicate with, that they have an issue and that clear speech from the other person will greatly help. We were delighted when Ipswich Building Society contacted us to say they wanted to help too by giving away more badges through their branches.”

 “It has been shown that wearing a mask does decrease the ability for speech to be understood. This applies for people with normal hearing levels too, so for those with a hearing loss it can be a real problem.  People with hearing loss often become quite adept at compensating for it by looking closely at people when they speak, but with the introduction of masks it means that these visual cues have also gone.”
Kesha Allen, Membership and Local Marketing Manager at Ipswich Building Society commented “We’re delighted to support the Hearing Care Centre in raising awareness of the impact face coverings have on people who are deaf or suffer from hearing loss. People can pop into one of our branches to collect a free pin badge which could help identify a friend or family member who may need additional communication support whilst out in the community.”

If you can't get to an Ipswich Building Society branch to collect a free badge we now have them on sale for just £2 (including postage) in our online shop.