How can hearing aids enrich relationships?

Posted 28 January 2020
Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many will be making plans to spend time with loved ones. However, hearing loss can create a barrier within these special relationships.

How can hearing aids enrich relationships?

When we want to connect and share quality time with others, being able to hear and listen is absolutely key. From calling out from the other room or even having a conversation face to face, if someone feels that they are not being listened to this can ultimately drive a wedge within any relationship.

We encourage our patients to attend their hearing assessment with a partner, family member or friend and the frustration they feel at not being heard is quite often the motivation for someone to first seek our help.

How can hearing aids help?

By addressing any underlying hearing loss with the help of an audiologist and the fitting of a hearing system, you can allow yourself to hear to your full potential. Modern hearing aid technology works to expertly manage multiple speech and noise sources so you can focus on a conversation no matter where the sound is coming from, enabling you to hear naturally.

Moreover, most new hearing systems have built in Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can stream films, television shows, music and even phone calls direct to your hearing system. This brings a new level of interaction within quality time and allows you to both enjoy what you are doing together. No more having to repeat what someone has said, or having to explain the joke that made you laugh. 
Click here to read about just a few of the latest hearing systems available at The Hearing Care Centre.

Complimentary hearing assessments this February

This February we urge you to show your hearing some love and enrich the relationships you treasure, so our team are offering FREE hearing assessments (usually £30) at various centres throughout this month.

Our special ‘Hearing Care Day’ events will take place on:

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call our customer care team on 01473 230330  or click here to make an appointment. We also welcome you at any of our other centres across Suffolk and Norfolk for our normal price of £30.