Hearing aids with style

Posted 14 September 2018
Do you think hearing aids can be stylish? For most people, the answer is a resounding "no". 

Hearing aids with style
Hearing aids and style may not seem to be likely bedfellows, but today's high-tech hearing aids offer benefits that are certainly at the forefront of design and technology.
Maybe you have memories of hearing aids past, like the one your beloved grandparents wore when you were a child. It perhaps resembled something brown, beige, bulky and involving a large earpiece attached to a plug worn in the ear.
This is now very much an out-dated perception! With modern design and technology, this style now looks a lot, smaller, sleeker and more polished, and with the appearance of new wearable technology such as wireless earphones and Bluetooth receivers in the mainstream culture, they don’t look out of place.

The new era of hearing aid design

One of the very latest examples is a new model launched by Signia called ‘Styletto’ which is pictured below. As well as a delivering a wealth of incredible features, including being rechargeable, the main focus of this product is its design.

With regard to providing a product that appeals to those who are reluctant to wear hearing aids, the research carried out by Signia speaks for itself: 8/10 people preferred the Styletto hearing aids to conventional hearing aids and when a test was carried out to ask if people would be comfortable to wear hearing aids out of a range of options, 14% more people would wear aids if Styletto was on offer.

Take ownership of your hearing aids

It is great that hearing aids are becoming so advanced that now users can feel confident and happy to wear them. As well as a change in the overall look of hearing aids, there is also more option to personalise and decorate your hearing aids. Eloise Garland wrote an article for Phonak’s Hearing Like Me blog all about how she has started to decorate her hearing aids to help her to feel more confident when wearing them:
“When I wore beige hearing aids, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by them; they felt like large, ugly bananas behind my ears, and I was compelled to constantly hide them…. In contrast, when I began to decorate them, my confidence gradually increased as I felt a sense of ownership and pride over my hearing aids.”

Eloise Garland's customised hearing aids - Hearing Like Me blog post. 

The idea of ‘ownership’ is really important here. For many who discover that they have hearing loss, it can feel like everything is out of their control and that they are forced to wear these hearing aids that they do not want to wear. However, choosing or customising your aids to suit your own style can make them feel more part of you and something that you feel proud and confident to wear. Instead of the focus being on the fact that you need them, it will be on how you have taken ownership of them and made them a part of your personality.
If you’d like to learn about what technology is now available, we are holding a Hearing Care Week in Ipswich from 17th – 22nd September in celebration of our 20th birthday. Our wish is to raise as much awareness as possible about the impact of hearing loss and how hearing aids can change your life.
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