Hearing aids: “The best purchase I have ever made”

Posted 15 October 2019
Hearing Care Centre patient Mrs Haymon, recently got in touch to tell us about her experience wearing hearing aids and the impact it has had on both her and her family’s lives.

Hearing aids: “The best purchase I have ever made”

After reading your article ‘Hearing loss: The Untold Impact On Others’ in a previous edition of ‘Hearing Care Centre News’, I feel I must let you know how much I agree with everything you said.

I recently purchased a pair of Phonak hearing aids from The Hearing Care Centre and my family think that they are the best purchase I have ever made, and I totally agree with them!

Television or radio no longer blare out at a deafening volume so the whole neighbourhood can hear! My family can now stay in the room with me and enjoy watching a programme. At group meetings I can hear what the speaker is talking about without having to sit in the front row.

I have had hearing aids before using an earmould but I personally found them uncomfortable and they caused me a number of ear infections. After this I did not use hearing aids for some years. These Phonak devices are wonderful, I have no difficulty in putting them in, they are light and comfortable and I can wear them all day without having to fiddle and play with them.

To hear the birds sing and the sea rolling onto the shore is truly wonderful. I can also hear things approaching behind me such as cars and people.

I would like to thank The Hearing Care Centre for making us one happy family again. The care given has been really exceptional and I am really grateful.

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