Focus on: Matthew Coward

Posted 10 January 2019
Every successful business has someone behind the scenes making sure that everything and everyone, is in the right place and at the right time. At HCC, that person is Matthew.

Focus on: Matthew Coward

Matthew is our Business Operations and Marketing Manager and, as this suggests, not only is he responsible for publicising the firm and bringing in new business, he also looks after day-to-day operations like the diary, staffing and logistics, as well as the Customer Care Team.

It’s a demanding role for a 32-year old, but he’s well-prepared, with qualifications in marketing, management and leadership, and thirteen years’ experience at the company. He’s well motivated too because he’s the elder son of Karen Finch who founded The Hearing Care Centre exactly 20 years ago. His brother Nathan also works for the firm as does his step father (Melvyn) and auntie (Denise).

Born in Ipswich, Matthew studied at Stowmarket High School whilst working at The Hearing Care Centre as a Saturday receptionist. After finishing his A levels, Matthew went to Australia and caught the travel bug. Back in the UK he joined a travel agency for a time but says as much as he loved travelling, selling travel wasn't for him and he wasn’t particularly enjoying the role.

When an opportunity arose for him to join the family business as a Marketing Assistant, Matthew took it, and began to study again. As his list of marketing and business qualifications increased, so did his role and importance in the business. He was promoted to Marketing Manager, was joined by one, then two assistants when the responsibility of business operations was then added to his remit.

“It’s an exciting, brilliant job and I feel completely involved,” he says. “I’m at the centre of everything with no two days the same. One day I will be booking and designing advertising; planning dates of future events, the next speaking to Practice Managers at our satellite centres or dealing with maintenance or improvements at the Ipswich practice.”

Although not on the front line dealing with the individual hearing issues, Matthew says The Hearing Care Centre is like one big extended family made up of the staff and the patients. “Going to work every day, knowing that we are making a real difference to someone’s life by enabling them to hear better, gives me an immense sense of satisfaction,” he says.

But what is it like working in such a responsible position, knowing that your Mum is the boss? Matthew pauses to think, then replies: “We have a good understanding of how we each think and mostly come to the same decisions or conclusions. However, we are both stubborn and if we disagree with one and another we say so and eventually work things out.

“I am immensely proud of mum, her work ethic and her passion for our patients and the firm. How she operates on only a few hours sleep I'll never know! But it is because of these things, I set myself high standards and try my best to meet them every day. Working with your family members has advantages but also disadvantages, mostly because it means that business is always a topic of conversation whether we are at work or not!”

Perhaps this is why Matthew and his wife Natasha like to relax by, yes, you’ve guessed it, travelling. This year alone, they’ve managed to get to Majorca, New York, Lake Garda, Paris and the French Riviera; though for the foreseeable future they’ll need to find baby-friendly destinations!