Earwax removal clinic launching in Bury St Edmunds

Posted 04 November 2019
Those in West Suffolk will no longer have to experience long waiting times to seek relief from blocked ears as we are launching a new earwax removal clinic in Bury St Edmunds!

Earwax removal clinic launching in Bury St Edmunds

It is estimated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that in the UK 3.5% of the population each year have problems with earwax sufficient to need intervention. This equates to over 6,200 people in West Suffolk alone.

We already run an established hearing clinic at Mount Farm GP Surgery in the town, but we are now expanding our services by organising a regular clinic dedicated to the removal of earwax at Bury Natural Health Centre in nearby Fornham St Genevieve.

Earwax build up is not only uncomfortable, but it can also delay assessment and management of hearing loss. Hearing loss caused by impacted wax can be frustrating and stressful, leading to social isolation and depression if untreated.

The Hearing Care Centre’s Lead Clinical Ear Care Practitioner, Melvyn Howe said, “There is a real demand for a private earwax removal service in this area. Our specialist team - all certified healthcare professionals, allow sufficient time with each patient to remove wax in a safe and gentle way. They also provide a video image of the ear canal before and after the treatment.”

This new clinic at Bury Natural Health Centre will be offering regular microsuction and ear irrigation appointments every other Tuesday from 28th November 2019. For more information call our customer care team on 01473 230330.