Audiologist of the Year 2018

Posted 06 March 2018 by Karen Finch
The Hearing Care Centre would like your help in sharing your personal experiences with our team, as part of a competition to find the UK's audiologist of the year.

Audiologist of the Year 2018

The coveted award celebrates hearing professionals who work hard to deliver exceptional service and gives patients the opportunity to say thank you.

All entries are judged by an independent panel, which includes industry experts, representatives of hearing charities and associations. It’s not about the number of entries, but good quality, informative entries.

By simply entering you will be in of a chance of winning £250 in cash, plus £200 worth of gifts!

The judging criteria of the compeition includes:

Commitment to the patient

  • Has the hearing professional gone beyond the call of duty to help their patient or exceeded the patient’s expectations?

  • If appropriate, has the hearing care professional has included family members in appointments or involved them in discussions and decisions about the patient’s treatment?

Making a difference in the patient’s life

  • How has the hearing professional had a positive impact on the life of their patient and their families?
  • Has the patient been enabled to stay in work, pursued a hobby or enjoyed a more active social life as a result of the treatment provided?

Knowledgeable about new technologies

  • Has the audiologist suggested new hearing technology to work with the patient’s hearing aid or suggested trying out a new hearing aid / cochlear implant?

Working closely with other specialists, providing a team approach

  • Has the hearing professional introduced the patient to any additional care or support, for example support groups or referrals to specialist treatment?

If you'd like to vote for your HCC audiologist please call 01473 230330 for a postal entry form or apply online by clicking here.

Entries close online on Friday 6th July 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

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    For more information about Audiologist of the Year or terms and conditions regarding a nomination, click here.
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