After years of trying, Mark finds his silver lining

Posted 11 February 2019
Hearing Care Centre patient Mark Munson is a talented silversmith from Essex, whose growing client list includes royalty! We talk to him about his journey to better hearing...

After years of trying, Mark finds his silver lining

As a master silversmith, Mark Munson is one of only a handful of people perfecting his craft and has been doing so since the 1970s. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that he was first told he had hearing loss and it wouldn’t be for another 4 years until he sought help.

“There was much more stigma about hearing loss or going deaf than there is now,” he explained “so I soldiered on, progressively finding it harder to hear until I was forced to do something. To say I was a little sceptical would be an understatement” Mark admitted, but he booked an appointment to meet with an audiologist.

Unfortunately, despite trying many audiologists over the years, Mark struggled to find one that could provide him with the hearing solution that he needed. He struggled with issues from incorrect and uncomfortable fittings, to noisy feedback that bothered him whenever he moved his jaw or his head. “I then moved to a firm in Essex and I stayed with them for about 15 years, but as my hearing deteriorated, they just couldn’t keep up.”

The turning point came for Mark at a business meeting in London: “I met a gentleman who had a pair of behind the ear aids with fibre optic cords; he could see I was struggling to hear and told me I should try a pair of aids like his.” When Mark looked into trying this style, he was recommended by an ENT consultant at Addenbrookes, Cambridge to try a company in Suffolk called The Hearing Care Centre.

Six years down the line, Mark has continued to be a loyal patient to us. “Karen and her colleagues provide a brilliant hearing care service, I have never been let down in the six years I’ve been there.” says Mark. “Once my aid went wrong on a Friday evening, and I went in to see them when they opened at 10am on Saturday morning with no appointment, and was out by 11:30am with a loan hearing aid to wear whilst mine was being fixed!”

“Karen herself is the best audiologist there is. Not only is she technically very up to date and on the ball, but she takes the time to listen to you and explain things.” Mark understands that his hearing will never be perfect again, “but [Karen] doesn’t try to con you in to thinking there is a magic solution, instead her aim is to help you hear to your full potential.”

Mark, who runs his own business near Colchester has just been fitted with new Signia Pure Nx7 Cros aid system and he has been having great success: “Not only can I hear a person talking to me in a noisy room, but new technology means I can stream music into the aids, which I can hear better than anything I’ve heard for twenty years!”

Mark advises: “If you’ve recently noticed that you are suffering from hearing loss, don’t feel embarrassed about it, it’s not your fault. Luckily people wear devices in their ears all the time these days, so hearing aids aren’t as noticeable. Admittedly it takes a little time to get used to but don’t give up on it because you can achieve better hearing.”

Find out more about the hearing care service we offer by clicking here, or call our customer care team on 01473 230330 to book an appointment with one of our audiologists.