Hearing aid recycling

The Hearing Care Centre collects thousands of hearing aids for hard-of-hearing individuals across the world, who have limited financial resources.

Hearing aid recycling

The World Health Organisation estimates that 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. Yet, current annual production of hearing aids meets less than 10% of the global need.

At The Hearing Care Centre we are passionate about enabling people to hear to their full potential and in 2011 set up our very own Hearing Aid Recycling Scheme. We work in partnership with Lions Club International, who coordinate a number of initiatives around the world helping people in developing countries, that would otherwise have no access to hearing healthcare.

If you have any old, damaged or unwanted hearing aids, batteries (in date) or other hearing assistive equipment, please donate them to the scheme. All types of hearing aid (no matter in what condition) can be accepted!

How to donate

Carefully wrap and package up your donations in a sturdy box and mark them up for the attention of ‘The Hearing Care Centre - Hearing Aid Recycling Scheme’.

You can either drop your donation in at the reception at one of our 27 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk or you can send in the post to:

11 Upper Brook Street,
Ipswich, Suffolk,

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