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Summer hearing aid spectacular!


Children playing at the beach, birds singing in the trees, or perhaps the laughter at a family BBQ. These are just some of the unmistakable sounds of summer that we look forward to all year. But if you have untreated hearing loss, these delightful sounds can be easy to miss.

If you’re not hearing as well as you used to, you needn’t accept your hearing loss as a foregone conclusion! Our award winning audiologists are here to help you hear more clearly and naturally in any situation and enjoy the sounds of summer once again.

Whether you are considering purchasing hearing aids for the first time or possibly looking to upgrading your current model, there has never been a better time! The Hearing Care Centre has managed to secure a series of incredible discounts from some of the World's leading hearing aid manufacturers, meaning big savings for you!

Please note that all of the hearing aids listed below must be purchased as a pair in order to qualify for the amazing discounts.

Entry level


ReSound LiNX Quattro 561RIE (Replaceable battery option)

WAS £1,450 > NOW £997.50 (Over 30% OFF) Single hearing aid price.

Price includes fitting, check-ups and all follow up appointments as part of our award winning aftercare, along with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Pair of same hearing aids must be purchased in order to obtain offer price.

Looking for a rechargeable option?

For an extra £200 you can upgrade to the LiNX Quattro 562RIE, one of the world's most advanced rechargeable hearing system solutions, so you would no longer have to worry about changing batteries.

ReSound LiNX Quattro Technology Day

If you’d like to find out more about this exciting new technology and how it could work for you, we invite you to attend our exclusive LiNX Quattro Technology Day on Tuesday 17th September (9am-5pm). Join us at Rowan House Centre, Hethersett, where our audiologists will be on hand to provide you with a complimentary hearing assessment (usually £30) and then programme up a pair of LiNX Quattro hearing aids for you to try. This small taster will give you an insight into the superb sound experience these devices offer and we will use a number of different soundscapes to try them in (e.g. a bustling restaurant, in the car, on the street with busy traffic).
Appointments are essential and a very limited number of places are available. To book yours please call 01473 230330 and speak to a member of our Customer Care Team.

Top level


We currently also have 4 of the very latest, top-end rechargeable devices available with incredible discounts. Click on the links to find out more about each of the models:

ReSound LiNX Quattro 9
Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx 7 - Currently out of stock
Phonak Audeo Marvel 90 - Currently out of stock

WAS £2,550 > NOW £1,800. Single hearing aid price. 

Oticon Opn S RITE R

WAS £2,600 > NOW £1,850. Single hearing aid price.


To discuss these offers with one of our audiologists please contact us to arrange a call back or book yourself an appointment.

  • Terms and conditions
    Offer available whilst stocks last. Colour choices may be limited. Pair of same hearing aids must be purchased in order to obtain offer price. Binaural fittings only.