Look after your hearing


It's never too early to start looking after your hearing. The World Health Organisation says that noise exposure is the biggest cause of permanent hearing damage around the world – and it’s avoidable.

Here in the UK we are told that approx 10% of the population have some level of hearing loss and one in three developed their hearing loss as a result of exposure to noise.

Many occupations and hobbies expose people to certain kinds of noise that can permanently damage your hearing. Hearing protection decreases the intensity, or loudness, of noise and helps preserve your hearing.

The Hearing Care Centre’s motto is ‘Love Your Hearing’ and the good news is we offer comprehensive advice about hearing protection and provide a range of specialist hearing protection products; each type having its own benefits.

Listening to any sound at a high volume – more than 85 decibels, or dB(A) – can cause permanent hearing loss, tinnitus or both.

Your risk of hearing damage from loud noise depends on two things: how loud the sound is and how long you’re exposed to it for.