Birthday offers!

October marks our 22nd birthday.
22 years when it has been our privilege to help thousands of people in East Anglia to improve their hearing. 

To celebrate, for the month of October, we would like to continue our journey by offering you these presents.



For the month of October we are offering you a FREE hearing test saving you £30!*

1 in 6 of us are affected by some form of hearing loss. Because the symptoms of hearing loss can get worse if untreated, it's highly recommended that you have regular checks, especially as you age.

Many people think that having a hearing assessment is admitting that you may have a weakness. However, it's quite the opposite – acknowledging that your hearing may be changing is the first step to relieving and even potentially reversing the symptoms of hearing loss.


*  Terms and conditions apply.


Throughout the month of October we are giving you the chance to SAVE UP TO 30%* on pairs of the latest hearing systems, across our full range, with some examples** shown below.

As an additional bonus, existing patients (i.e. those who have bought a hearing system with us before) who upgrade to our leading hearing systems in October will be eligible to claim a TV streamer, worth up to £240, free of charge.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

*  Terms and conditions apply.
** Images shown for illustration purposes only. Actual models may vary.


Phonak Paradise 90 R

WAS £5,400 > NOW £3,780
(SAVING £1,620)
  • Crisp, natural sound
  • Brilliant speech understanding
  • Personalised noise cancelling
  • Voice assistance access at a tap
  • Rechargeable

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

ReSound One 961 M&RITE

WAS £5,400 > NOW £3,780
(SAVING £1,620)
  • New design uses your unique ear shape to deliver our most natural sound.
  • All Access Directionality ensures you’re in the best position to hear what’s important.
  • Activate Ultra Focus for a great one to one hearing experience in the toughest environments.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

Oticon Opn S 1 R

WAS £5,350 > NOW £3,745

(SAVING £1,605)
  • A 360° sound experience: Oticon Opn S comes with improved technology that gives your brain access to the relevant sounds around you.
  • Closing a gap to normal hearing: Studies prove that Oticon Opn S users can experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing in noisy environments.
  • Rechargeable hearing system: A stylish rechargeable solution that you recharge at night for a full day of hearing.
  • No more whistling sounds: A ground-breaking feature makes Oticon Opn S able to detect and prevent annoying whistling sounds before they even occur.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

Signia Silk 5X

WAS £3,800 > NOW £3,230

(SAVING £570)
  • Latest instant-fit completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing system.
  • Does not need to be custom-fitted to your ear.
  • One of the world’s smallest hearing systems.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

Bernafon Viron 7

WAS £3,400 > NOW £2,890
(SAVING £510)
  • Impressive hearing system suitable for a wide range of hearing losses
  • The Viron uses Dynamic Environmental Control to seamlessly adjust from one listening environment to another.
  • Rechargeable model also available.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

ReSound Quattro 561R

WAS £3,200 > NOW £2,800
(SAVING £400)
  • Streams audio directly from selected iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android devices into your hearing system.
  • For a more personalised fitting the hearing system can be adjusted and specifically programmed for different listening environments, such as music, outdoors, party, restaurant etc.
  • Rechargeable device.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330

Oticon Ruby 1

WAS £2,200 > NOW £1,980
(SAVING £220)
  • Great for users with active lifestyles who are also looking for great value
  • The Ruby contains a new SuperShield feedback management system which prevents whistling before it occurs.
  • The Oticon On App allows the user to control and adjust their Oticon hearing system.

Contact us today for more details or call 01473 230330


Terms and Conditions

All offers

All of the above offers are valid between 1st and 31st October 2020. The management reserves the right to withdraw these offers at any time. 

Free hearing assessments

Free hearing assessment offer is valid on pre booked appointments at all of our centres throughout Suffolk and Norfolk. Normal assessment price £30. Offer excludes anyone who has previously had a hearing assessment with The Hearing Care Centre within the past 24 months. Home visit appointments are excluded from this offer.

Price discounts for hearing systems

In order to be eligible for our birthday discounts, a hearing system must be bought as a binaural fitting. All prices quoted are for a complete hearing system, including charger (where applicable), two year manufacturer warranty, cleaning kit and full aftercare service package.

Free TV streamer

Existing patients of The Hearing Care Centre who have previously purchased a hearing system from us, will be eligible for a free TV streamer when spending over £4,000 (before discount) for their hearing system.

The TV streamers included in the offer are:
  • Resound Unite TV Streamer 
  • Oticon TV Adapter 
  • Phonak TV Connector
  • Bernafon TV-A Adapter 
  • Signia Streamline TV Transmitter